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My Path

Although currently living in Florida, I have been blessed to live in multiple places throughout the United States. It has helped me gain perspective of different cultures and people. I have traveled to multiple countries and continents and can tell you there are amazing people everywhere!

After my dad passed, my entire world changed. I wanted to know everything about the afterlife. After experiencing evidence that he was still in my life, it changed my perspective of life and what is truly important. I had an interest in using the natural abilities I had pushed away for many years. Once I embraced them again, I realized how much I was able to heal and move forward. Looking around me, it was apparent that others needed to be able to communicate with their loved ones on the other side as well. 

My first calling was to work with amazing children as a school teacher, coach, assistant principal and principal before being called to serve in this monumental role. I have learned so much from every job and am thankful for the many opportunities I have had throughout life. I believe all experiences build you into the best person you can be and gives you the skillset you need to take on your next task in life. Being able to support and help people on a deeper level is the most rewarding thing about being a psychic medium. I truly believe this work can change lives. Be open to the possibility that there may be more to life than what you see and do everyday. Let me help you!

After being ill and unable to see many improvements with convention methods, I learned how to use the power/energy from above to assist myself and others in the healing process. Using a combination of Reiki, Spiritual Healing, crystal singing bowls and essential oils can have a powerful effect in your auric field. Many times Reiki is used together with traditional methods. Plesae see Reiki info in the FAQ section for further information. Let me help you clear those blockages and Chakras.

The reason I do this work is because it is important for others to know that souls exist beyond this life. Your loved ones are still here and they want you to do well in this life. I do these messages to help you heal and experience love again with your family and friends. Knowing we have not lost our loved ones changes perspectives and helps you realize they still know what you are doing and love you. I have went through many difficult situations in my life and have made both good and bad decisions. I am not here to judge you but support you through the process of healing.   I went through multiple health issues in my past and have a strong desire to see you in the best physical, mental and emotional place possible. I am humbled to do this work and realize it is not about me or any ability I have..... it is about being called from above into this service. 

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