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Wow! An amazing experience to say the least! Jorie did a Reiki session with me and it was more than I could have ever expected. The amount of energy I felt and the healing that took place was incredible. Without my saying she could see an old shoulder injury and sent healing energy to it. It feels brand new! She picked up on a pet my wife and I just recently lost and she described him just the way he was. She cleared my areas that were blocked and opened them up. I had a ton of energy after the session and still the next day feel much lighter in a sense. Like the burdens I was carrying around in my spirit were dropped on the floor around me. She is doing Gods work in a tremendous way. I will be back. 

I can't say enough about my session with Jorie Lynn. She did a spiritual healing for me and I have to say the information that came through her is incredibly accurate. We talked about family/relationship issues in which she gave me some great tips on using my energy in a more compassionate way. We also talked about some medical issues that I've been having such as stomach problems and shoulder issues. What's funny is that she mentioned the shoulder issue and I had recently thought that I should sleep in a different position and she confirmed that. She did a card pull for me and it mentioned creativity which is perfect since I have new ways to paint. I can't say enough about her. It was like talking with a friend that I had known for years. She is very gifted and humble which makes her very good to work with.

Thank you Jorie for the mediumistic and psychic readings today! You connected with my mom and dad, bringing through so much evidence with feeling and compassion. Each had a meaningful message for me as well as shared memories. I had tears in my eyes as you brought them back to life with your words. The psychic or soul reading you offered me, provided insight into some of my present obstacles and how to move forward with more happiness in my daily life. I definitely would recommend anyone looking for spiritual guidance, mediumistic reading or psychic reading to connect with Jorie.

I had a private sitting with Jorie.  Her warmth and resonance was immediate. She connected straight away with my boyfriend Tim who passed 3 weeks ago. She described him accurately and gave me personal details that were significant and private. She explained his circumstances and mine whilst also bringing current details of his journey on the other side. This was joyful and reassuring as she gave me messages from him and detailed his character in a way only he was. 

Thankyou for connecting with my loved one and bringing us close again. I do hope he pops in to say hello and share his love with us again. Grief is incredibly painful even when we know the spirit goes on and my sitting with Jorie was something I will never forget. 

After the recent passing of my wife of 55 years I have been to multiple mediums and this reading with Jorie by far was the most intuitive and meaningful one by far. While my wife was always very spiritual I was never a believer in all of my 85 years. The things that Jorie picked up on (including that I was never a believer) were absolutely incredible. She told me things that nobody else would have known except for my wife, going back to when we first met. I came away from the reading feeling so much better. The next morning I was greeted with a visit from the first 2 cardinals I have seen since moving to Deland over a year ago. I highly recommend Jorie.

l adore this woman more than words can possibly describe. The way I found Jorie seemed random at the time but I later learned that I was led to her. My dog, Chloe, unexpectedly passed away and she was (and always will be) the love of my life. This sweet soul was everything to me.

I was so broken when she passed. I still am honestly but I cannot describe how much better I felt after my time with Jorie. Now it’s just a matter of redirecting my focus when I miss her physical presence (which is all of the time after 13 years together). I listen to the audio recording of our session over and over again and it’s so soothing and healing. The second listen through connected a lotttt of dots for me- dots I didn’t notice or understand in our session.

I’ve always known that death is simply going home. Energy can never be created or destroyed; our souls are freed from all physical limitations & I know from experience that it’s beautiful. It feels like pure, unconditional, all-encompassing love that’s all around & within you, kinda like a giant hugging blanket that wraps your whole soul/self with genuine true love. the depth & power of which is impossible to describe or fully comprehend in the physical realm. It feels like God. It feels like home.

Jorie validated so much of that for me- I cannot even begin to explain how much she surprised & delighted me. It was more than I could’ve imagined or hoped for.

She told me things about my paternal grandmother and my maternal grandfather (the only 2 humans so far ive had (&have) genuine soul level connections with) that blew my mind and meant so so much to me. She told me specific things about them, very unique words & phrases they’d always say to me and details about my relationship with each that nobody could’ve known about. Even I didn’t know some of it!

When I expressed confusion, Jorie told me to put it on the shelf and quickly moved on to the next detail. I asked my mom later and she confirmed almost ALL of it. A few things she didn’t remember or had no way of knowing. I later wound up finding my diary from when I was 8 years old and wow o wow that jogged my memory to an insane degree. It validated even more and added even more significance to what was already one of the most meaningful hours of my life.

I also realized through my session with Jorie that although I’ve felt misunderstood & alone for much of my life, I’ve NEVER actually been alone. My grandma never left. My grandpa never left. And my sweet baby girl never left. Theyre still with me & watching over me- just in a different form. Where they feel incredible & where they are free. I wish I could travel through dimensions and join them for a while:). I know when I do get to go home they will be there waiting with giant smiles & I’ll get to cuddle my baby again & show how deeply I love her every single moment of every single day

I’m so grateful for Jorie & beyond blessed to have been chosen for her once a month gift session. Btw I second her recommendation to record the audio on your phone as a back up because I slept for two whole days after my session. It was the first time I’d slept since Chloe passed and I slept really really well. Peacefully. I did nothing but rest & process the deep deep significance of all I’d learned. I def didn’t get around to checking my email (still months later haven’t lol. I’m at complete peace with slacking on that for the first time in a long time:)) and I never downloaded the session recording she sent. I’m so so SO glad I had the back up on my phone bc I still listen to our session often & I always seem to notice something new.

I gush about how much Jorie has helped me to everyone. Her gifts are God-given & provide so much healing, understanding & faith to us souls who are sometimes tricked by the physicalness of it all:]. I could not be more grateful for her. There’s so much more to life & so much more beyond it. It’s a beautiful thing& Jorie’s a beautiful soul. She shines so brightly &radiates the most infectious positive energy ever. Wish I could meet with her every day❤️

I would highly recommend Jorie if you are looking to connect with your beloved deceased pets. I was able to recognize each of my pets as she brought them through with their physical description, personality, and illness. Jorie effortlessly brought through their true essence with love and compassion. There was no mistaking their presence. The session ended with her connecting with my living cat. She provided me with much needed health information about her. Thank you again Jorie, I feel so much more at peace knowing that my beloved pets are healthy and happy in Spirit. It was an uplifting and positive experience!!

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